Parliamentary Oversight

Component 10: Parliamentary Oversight

Objective: To strengthen Parliamentary ex-ante Scrutiny of the Budget and ex-post Review of Financial Statements and Audit Reports.


Members of Parliament must be able to assess and comment on the government’s budget plans and audited financial statements. This component will establish a competent support unit for Parliamentary committees as well as train its members on the assessment of budget plans and financial reports.

The objective is to strengthen the capacity of the PAC of the HoR to effectively apply the HoR rules of procedures/standing orders when reviewing reports of the Auditor General and ensure their reviews are done in the timely manner and appropriate action is taken to address the issues arising. The program will facilitate the members of the PAC with technical assistance/secretariat to reviews the reports of the Auditor General, provide training to the members of the PAC in order to enhance their capacity for effective oversight and purchase furniture and office equipment.

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